Quarterly Review: Leading With Honor

Quarterly Review: Leading With Honor
Issue 5 // 4th Quarter // 2013 Category:Leadership By: The TwoTen Team

Leadership Lessons From The Hanoi Hilton.

by: Lee Ellis

How were American leaders in the brutal POW camps of North Vietnam able to inspire their followers for five, six, seven, and even eight years to remain committed to the mission, work as a team, resist a cruel enemy, and return home with honor?

In this powerful and practical book, Lee Ellis, a former Air Force pilot, talks candidly about the five and a half years he spent as a prisoner of war in Hanoi and describes the fourteen key leadership principles he saw in action and experienced. Now, as a successful executive coach and corporate consultant, he teaches these crucible-tested principles to leaders of Fortune 500 companies, healthcare executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

In Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton, you will learn:

  1. Courageous lessons from POW leaders facing torture in the crucible of captivity.
  2. How successful teams are applying these same lessons and principles.
  3. How to implement these lessons using the Coaching sessions provided in each chapter.

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